Max Zadorozhnyi

Licensee Salesperson

Pragmatic, driven and diligent, Max Zadorozhnyi has always had a desire to learn, progress and accomplish any task beyond the required standard. This attitude has helped him succeed in Military, Event Management and Education occupations. It is through these different experiences that Max has acquired a vast skill set making him a resourceful and effective real estate agent.

Max believes that when it comes to selling real estate, ingenuity is one of the key attributes for a real estate agent to possess. This is more relevant than ever as the market is rapidly changing and traditional methods are no longer as efficient. Max has taken it upon himself to stay ahead of the trends by utilising his knowledge of digital media marketing and has the ability to think outside the box.

Communication is vital throughout a real estate transaction, ensuring that every last detail is correct from the start can avoid wasting time for both the seller and buyer. Max prides himself on having an exceptional eye for detail and a superb level of clear and concise communication. This can be seen throughout his work where you can expect an extensive understanding of the process without the complications.

Max believes in the importance of community and feels very connected to Lower Hutt where he has lived for the past seven years. In his eyes community is everything and establishing relationships built on trust and integrity are what help the community grow and develop. 

Whether you're interested in selling, buying or just want to have a chat, Max is more than happy to discuss things further over the phone or at the comfort of your own home.