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Theresa Baker

Licensee Salesperson

Born and raised throughout the Wellington region, Theresa’s current and most favoured location to reside in is Lower Hutt.

Having travelled to many countries across the globe, this strengthened her belief that home is where the heart resides. This appreciation for returning home after long trips away inspired Theresa to build a career in Real Estate and to assist others in their journey to find the heart in their dream home.

Ensuring all clients and customers have a positive, confident and pleasant experience throughout the Real Estate process is one of her main objectives and intentions.

With a strong background and experience in Aviation, various Management roles and Service Delivery, Theresa has an authentic, relatable and charismatic persona that caters to various people from all places, lifestyles and backgrounds. Theresa brings a professional, efficient and hardworking ethic with clear and transparent communication.

Meeting and connecting with people are genuinely one of Theresa’s favourite interests. She believes the knowledge she gains from human interaction, offers an insight to different perspectives, which she finds fascinating and intriguing. She believes it helps her respect and understand everyone’s differences which is inspiring and encourages her own positive growth and self-development.

Having a daughter diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a toddler has motivated Theresa to spread awareness and support families with members who suffer from this incurable illness. She also enjoys getting involved in various community cultural group festivities and makes quality time with family a priority wherever possible.